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Primera Exposición Micológica en H.R. Fuente del Val , Noviembre 2013



Mirador de Valcabado (Cueva de los Franceses)


Vista de la Iglesia de Prádanos de Ojeda


Campo de amapolas











Prádanos fresh morning


Prádanos walkway to garden El Tojo


Eskoti in Winter


Eskoti in Summer




Fuente del Arrabal


Fuente Palacios


House during construction


Woods near Prádanos de Ojeda


Peña Pico


Peña Cortada


Strange friendship!


Prádanos de Ojeda

view to the North


Prádanos de Ojeda

view to the South


Hotel Rural **

Fuente del Val

Calle Solana, 22

34486 Prádanos de Ojeda



Bar Rest 979 133 909

Hotel 979 069 497


Dear Customer

Please read following information:

Conditions of reservation



Rules of the house

Energy and environment conservation

Use of the fireplace - Caution

Contact, reservation, availability

Activity seasons

On arrival - Parking

Hotel general description

The Rooms

Your opinion is important for us!

Conditions of reservation - Timetable

The room booking is accounted by nights, as a general rule, the Customer should be arriving between 14:00 and 20:00 hours. If you expect to arrive later please call us and let us know your estimated time of arrival.

The room should be left the last day before 12:00. But, off course,  we will take care of your luggage if needed. Any variation with respect this standard timetable must be agreed in advance.

Payment - Deposit

In order to get reservation guarantee the Customer shall pay in advance a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay.

The deposit shall be made effective by means of bank transfer, we will give you our bank account for this purpose.

On receipt of the deposit we will send you a message or contact you in order to confirm your reservation.

Please understand without deposit we cannot guarantee your reservation, this system protects your interest and ours.

The remaining of the stay cost normaly to be paid on arrival.

Please be informed that we accept only cash for payment, no credit cards or personal checks are accepted.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.


AMT are available at nearby villages, as follows:

Alar del Rey (3 km.):    Caja España, La Caixa,  Banco de Santander

Aguilar de Campoo (20 Km.):   (Euro 6000)  and others.


Cancellations, Changes.

If you need to cancel your reservation please let us know as soon as possible.

As a general rule following system will be applicable:


- Cancellation with more than 48 hours (time starts counting at 00:00 hours of the first day of reservation)


   In case of direct reservation the 100% of the deposit will be returned (less bank transfer fee)


   In case of online reservation through other agencies (Booking, Expedia, etc) please check their particular conditions for  cancellation.

 - Cancellation with less than 48 hours

    In case of direct reservation the 100% of the deposit will be charged

In case of online reservation through other agencies (Booking, Expedia, etc) please check their particular conditions for  cancellation.


Changes in your reservation cannot be granted but we will try our best to re-arrange your booking if possible. Each case will be study separately.


The Rules of the House

It is not permitted to eat in the rooms or common spaces at the lodging house.

The house may be shared with other persons, we kindly ask you to maintain always a proper conduct of convivence with special attention to dressing code, noise, etc.

In accordance  with the Law, smoking is not allowed in any common spaces of the house, bar and restaurant.

If you want to smoke in your room please advise us at the time of booking.

In order to avoid conflict with other persons lodged in the house, pets are not allowed.


Energy saving and Environment preservation

The application of following recomendations will not only contibute to the protection of the environment and saving energy but also they should reduce our operational costs, allowing us to offer you good service at more competitive prices.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in the following matters:

- Make a rational use of water and electricity. Please do not forget to switch off lights when you leave your room or the common saloon.

- During winter and cold season the temperature in the house is maintined by thermostat to an average temperature of 20 C. (68 F.)

- For safety reasons please do not touch the thermostates, changing the settings may affect the confort of other persons lodged in the house or cause damages in the heating installation.

 - If necessary you can adjust or even close the radiators in your rooms.

- Please keep the windows well closed as well as the external doors.

- The hot water is regulated by thermostat to 60 C. (140 F.)

- In order to save water and minimize the use of detergents, please care and make a rational use of bath towels and bedding clothes.

Fireplace - Caution      

There is central heating system for the house, the fireplace installed in the saloon is mainly for decoration purpose and it will be used only in special occasions,  under the Management supervision only.    - Extreme caution in general and particularly with children, because the metallic surface, as well as the protection glass and the exhaust pipes may be very hot and cause severe burns if touched.

             - it is dangerous to burn strange materials in the chimney.

For safety reasons the wood provided by The Management is the only thing allowed to be burned.

              - Please, avoid the opening of the chimney´s door unless strictly necessary, in order to avoid smoke exhaust and risk of fire and burns.

Contact and Reservations

You can contact us for any questions by telephone

  +34 979 069 497        +34 979 133 909 

You can also check availability, costs and make a booking online by using the official web page for reservation of Ruralgest

Just click on the folloing link to access



Please do not hesitate to call us for any questions, if you want to be attended in English you may ask for Iker or Saira. If they are not available we will try our best to attend you or call you back.

For better attention we suggest, you may have ready following information:

1.- Your full name

2.- Your contact telephone

3.- Entry date

4.- Exit date

5.- Number of adults

6.- Number of rooms requested (2 adults per room)

7.- Number of children and their ages

8.- If you may need suplemmentary beds and how many

         (Please note only 1 supplementary bed per room is allowed)

9.- If you are interested in any kind of recreational activities, visits to turistic places, monuments, etc. or sporting activities, please let us know and we will try to give you all avilable information or to facilitate the contact with people or organizations who may provide those activities in this area.

Activity seasons

- Normally we are closed  during winter from January to Eastern approximately.

- For more information see our  availability online.

On your arrival

We will ask you to produce some ID document with picture, it may be Passport, your national ID document , driving license, etc.

This is in accordance with The Law and in order to fill up the

Traveler Registration Form which must be forwarded to the local police withing 24 hours.



You may print this form Traveler Registration Form and fill in at home and give it to us on arrival or send it by email ( or WhatsApp (+34649194896) This will accelerate your registration. Please note one form is needed for each traveler older than 16 years and they must all be signed.


On arrival we will give you 3 keys,

1.    Room

2.    Main door Hotel (house)

3.    Main external street door

Please close the external street door if you arrive after hours and do not forget to give us the keys back when checking out.



You can safely park your car in the adjacent streets, only two recomendations, please try to avoid parking in front of the Hotel,  this is a narrow street and  sometimes tractors or big farming vehicles etc are passing by.

Please do not park on the pavement.

General description of the Hotel and our installations

The Hotel is made in a house of six double rooms with full toilet service and a common saloon for customers only.

In a second building adjacent to the house you can find the bar and the restaurant.

The resort is closed and communicated by an inner patio and terrace.

The Bar and the Restaurant are open to the public but the House is for exclusive use of customers lodged in the hotel.


The Rooms

All rooms have original decoration, beautiful and confortable they have been  designed for two persons. We can provide a sumplementary bed, but only one per room. Please note that the complementary beds are not confortable for adults, they are meant to be used by children.


  • Two rooms have one bed of 1,50 m. and toilet with shower.

  • Three rooms have  two beds of 1,10 m. (which can be joined) and toilet with bath tube and shower

  • One room is specialy designed for disable person, it is the biggest one with wider doors and toilet with bar and flat shower, it has two beds of 1,20 m.


Your opinion

Your opinion and suggestions are very important for us, with them we can improve our service, that is why we would like to ask you to use a few minutes of your time to fill in the Feedback Form that you will find in your room.

In the common saloon there is a suggestions box where you can drop your suggestions and opinion form.




The Management

Hotel Rural Fuente del Val


External front house, view from the street

Main entrance


Hotel view from the street


Main entrance, inner view


The house front, view from the terrace


Typical briks and stone construction


Main entrance detail







Bar Resturante building



Detail window



Table detail















Detail bathroom






The galley



Detail House






Detail bathroom



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